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Zara’s Guide to Musical Terms | Episode 6

Sheet music and repertoire books are covered in special instructions, often written in unfamiliar languages. It’s difficult to memorize them all, so Zara is here to assist you. What’s an anacrusis? Obviously, it’s when you invite your friend Ana over to play before practicing. Have you ever seen the term da capo? It’s just a friendly reminder that Christmas is coming, and your dad could really use a new cap as a gift! Did you play the schnell section with a snail? These are just a few examples of what Zara has provided in her guide to musical terms.

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Musical Terms Match-Up:

Learn new musical terms along with Zara! Print the worksheet below and match the terms to the definitions as you listen to episode 6. What was your favourite musical term?

Musical Terms Match-Up
Download PDF • 127KB


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