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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal age to begin music lessons?
By age 4, a child is mentally and physically prepared to begin to play a musical instrument.  Children can learn to replicate rhythms, learn the basics of proper technique, and before long, many can play simple tunes.  Beginning at such a young age helps to foster discipline, focus, dexterity and a lifelong appreciation of music.


My child hasn't turned 4 yet.  What types of music lessons can we do?

For children ages 3-4, we have a wonderful pre-instrumental class that focuses on learning the foundational aspects of rhythm, pitch and a love of music. This class also periodically features our four core instruments in teacher demos or student performances, so that your child is better equipped to choose a musical instrument when they're ready for formal private lessons. You can learn more about our Pre-Instrumental classes here


What instruments do you teach at The Lane School of Music?

We offer private instruction in violin, piano, cello, flute, ukulele, voice and guitar.  We also have Suzuki method group classes in violin and cello (to be taken in addition to private lessons), as well as a Kinderflute program. Read more about our classes and lessons here.

My child won’t possibly be able to focus for even 10 minutes.  How could they learn to play an instrument?
Many parents are surprised at how long their child can focus when given the proper tools.  A large part of learning an instrument is learning how to pay close attention to detail, and with exercises and games, even very young children can do this.  In fact, many parents find that music lessons help develop these skills and contribute to their child’s success in other areas.


How long are the lessons?

At your trial lesson, your teacher will recommend a lesson length.  Typically we recommend that you start with a 30 minute lesson.  For young students in our accelerated programs (Suzuki violin and cello and Kinderflute), we often recommend starting with a 20 minute weekly lesson as this is in addition to the weekly 30 minute group class. Advanced students will require more lesson time, such as 45 minutes or 60 minutes each week, especially if they are preparing for recitals and high-level RCM exams. 

I’ve always wanted to take music lessons, but I never had the opportunity as a child.  Is it too late to learn?

It's never too late to learn an instrument! Many adults find great pleasure in learning an instrument later in life.  Adults and children learn very differently, so the physical aspects often do not come as naturally to adults, but they have the added advantages of discipline, self-motivation, and greater comprehension capabilities.

Do I need to buy an instrument in order to take lessons? How will I know what size or price range to look for?
There are a few very reputable shops in Toronto that rent and sell instruments of all sizes and calibers.  Most even have a rent-to-own program.  These shops are equipped to give you the right size instrument (since small children cannot use an adult size violin or cello) and have a few different price points for purchases or rentals, depending on your budget.  Click on the links below for more information:

Can I have a trial lesson before registering?

Absolutely!  It's a great way to see if the teacher and instrument are a good fit for you and your child before registering.  Visit our trial lesson request page to book your free trial lesson today!

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