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Cinderella is a ballet composed by Prokofiev, and is one of his most popular and melodious compositions. It was composed between 1940 and 1944 and premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre. The ballet story is the same, much-loved Cinderella tale that we all know. One of the most endearing features of Prokofiev's Cinderella is her empathy, love and thoughtfulness towards everyone, including her family though they have not treated her well.

The Dancing

If you need a little taster to see if the Cinderella ballet is the ballet for you, this is the one for you! The Dutch National Ballet will keep you on your toes (pun intended). Keep an eye our for the Ugly Step-sisters, they're everything our hearts wanted them to be!


The Music

This is the Ramat Gan Symphony Orchestra performing the Cinderella Suite no. 1 part 1. Prokofiev's music from Cinderella is some of the most well known music of our time. Can you hear any familiar themes?


Let's Go To The Ball

Today's Cinderella activity is for everyone, even those who can't get behind glass slippers, princes and princesses. A STEM balloon-powered carriage to carry Cinderella to her ball is exactly what's needed to literally empower this princess.

Aside from the ballet, the story of Cinderella has inspired many musical works. These include operas, musicals and instrumental music. We hope you continue to explore this magical music!


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