Get a head start in music.

Music is meant to be shared.

When music is learned in community with others, it fosters growth in empathy, social skills, and musicality.

All ECM classes take place at our location at 2489 Bloor Street West.



Laugh, bond and awaken your child’s senses through music and play. Before birth, babies are already immersed in the sounds, rhythms and melodies of their environment.

Through speech, singing, moving and instruments, LSM’s ‘grown-up with child’ programs stimulate emotional, social and musical development. Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends and caregivers are all welcome to accompany a special someone to their music class!


Babies are excited and comforted by grown-up's smiling face and animated voice, and enjoy experiencing the melodies and vibrations of speech and song while being held close. Pleasing action songs, lap rhymes, finger plays and lullabies are accompanied by colourful shakers,  puppets and scarves.

TODDLERS & TOTS (12-36 months)

Toddlers are so curious and love to explore their world with increasing  independence. Language skills are cultivated through  mimicking new words and sounds in songs and rhymes. Action  songs, hand plays and percussion instruments encourage body  awareness and motor skills. Puppets, balls and story books  reinforce a growing repertoire of numbers, colours and nature.

Sept 27 - Nov 15

$143.50/ 7wks

  • ECM Baby (ages 0-12m; Mondays at 10:45 AM)

Sept 27 - Nov 15

$143.50/ 7wks

  • ECM Toddlers & Tots (ages 12m-36m; Mondays at 9:45 AM)



Our Kodály, Orff and Eurhythmics programs ignite the music within, nurturing musical ability,
appreciation and literacy.


Begins with the voice strengthening singing and its related skills including ear-training, solfege, sight- singing, inner-hearing and eventually literacy.



Encourages creativity through a progression from speech, to singing, to body percussion, to movement, to instrument-play (pitched/unpitched percussion) and eventually improvisation.


Acknowledges the foundation of musical rhythm comes from the natural rhythms of the body. Through movement, eurhythmics cultivates awareness, self-control and expression.

Sept 28 - May 24


  • ECM SK (ages 5-6y; Tuesdays at 5:00 PM)

  • ECM SK (ages 5-6y; Thursdays at 4:00 PM)

JK (4-5 years)

Children explore the foundations of music - melody, beat and  rhythm - through speech, singing, rhythmic chanting,  instruments, movement and fantasy play. Unpitched  percussion instruments (skins/woods/metals) promote  coordination and motor control. Repertoire explores a child’s  growing world of numbers, letters, colours and nature while  developing musical confidence, verbal and social skills.

Sept 28 - May 24


  • ECM JK (ages 4-5y; Thursdays at 5:00 PM)

SK (5-6 years)

Children develop melodic and rhythmic understanding with  increased sensitivity to expression, quality of sound, rhythmic  flow, patterning and form. Literacy skills are rapidly developing,  and ear-training activities introduce pentatonic/major scales  and solfege notation, further explored on a wide variety of  pitched and unpitched instruments. Students learn to both lead  and follow and to respect the physical space and ideas of their  peers.

Ensemble Programs


Our fun and empowering Ensemble classes focus on creativity  and developing musical expression. They are designed as the  final stage before private instrumental study. Through musical exploration students learn how music is created, as well as  how to intuitively create their own music. They develop strong  melodic/rhythmic literacy, solfege and inner-hearing skills  critical for instrument study. 

ORFF ENSEMBLE (6-7 years)

Children chant, sing, move, play and improvise music on  xylophones and glockenspiels. Musical expression and form  are introduced and students acquire a vocabulary of important  concepts, experience music from other cultures and are  introduced to composers through listening activities.

Sept 29 - May 25


  • Orff Ensemble (Wednesdays at 4:00 PM)


In addition to learning by rote, students read music, develop  memory and improvisation skills. Drum patterns and ukulele  chords provide the accompaniment for traditional melodies.  Objectives include developing proper technique and tone.  Weekly goals are established and home practice is expected.

Sept 29- May 25

$860 (instruments included)

  • Recorder / Ukulele Ensemble (Wednesdays at 5:00 PM)