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Audrey & Sophia Talk Practicing | Episode 21

Practicing looks a little different for everyone, even sisters! This week we chat with piano students Sophia and Audrey, who are famous at Upper Beaches Music School for their wonderful practice habits. They share with us why they love practicing and what to do when practicing gets a little tricky. These pianists are literal practice stars!

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Practice Game:

Practicing multiple repetitions of a piece or technical exercise can sometimes get boring and frustrating! We want your practice sessions to be fun for both student and parent. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing practice games, with printables, to add to your practice routine.

These games should always be done with a grown-up! (Practicing should too!)

Colour a picture:

Option #1: After each repetition or goal is met, have the grown-up color a section of the picture. The section can be coloured while the student works towards their next goal.

Option #2: After the full practice session, the student can colour in a section for each goal met.

Download a musical instrument colouring sheet here:

Practice Colouring Sheet
Download PDF • 349KB


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