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"These are not the dry, humorless music classes that I experienced as a child. My child's teacher consistently looks for ways to tie the lesson concepts to fun and exciting activities, that keep the lessons engaging. I am amazed on a regular basis by the teacher's creativity and imagination when it comes to problem solving areas that are challenging for my daughter." -Kristen Hawkeswood

"They are learning to play piano properly from a highly qualified instructor, but they are learning in a relaxed environment with a teacher that is passionate about developing music appreciation in children, at their own pace."

-Joan Dempsey

"Teachers are accommodating and patient and my daughter is loving it and looks forward to it every week."

-Claudia Farina Janik

"The activities are engaging and interactive so that your students are effectively developing their musical skills. You offer strategies to assist them when struggling to learn a new piece or to remember proper form. All the fun games and extra incentives have been an added bonus as well :)"  Anna Birritteri 

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