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The Bedford Trio | Episode 16

Four-year-old Jialiang Zhu just wanted a piece of birthday cake and ended up with a piano. It was a happy accident though! Jialiang is now a professional pianist based in Toronto and is the only pianist in her piano trio, The Bedford Trio. Don’t worry, she clears up that confusion for us! She shares with us how the trio formed, what kind of music they play and gives some practice tricks for all the budding pianists out there.

The Bedford Trio is performing the concert “Immersed” on March 19th at 8:00 pm at Ernst Balmer Studio. Tickets can be purchased here:

Watch The Bedford Trio play Katharine Petkovski's Piano Trio No.1: Learn more about Jialiang: Website: Be sure to check out her lecture recital on Chinese art song: Instagram: Learn more about the Bedford Trio: Website: Instagram:

Musical Ensembles Crossword Puzzle

Making music is even more fun when you do it with friends! Musicians have a variety of ensembles they can form or join based on their instrument and what kind of music they enjoy playing. Download the crossword below to see if you can names these 12 types of ensembles. (Answers key provided).

Musical Ensembles
Download PDF • 202KB

ANSWERS Musical Ensembles
Download PDF • 206KB


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