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Summer Practicing | Episode 24

To practice or not to practice? This is often the question students and parents ask as the school year comes to an end and summer draws nearer. Should our instruments go on vacation with us? Should they hibernate for an entire season? Will my instrument be upset if I don’t play it for two whole months? Rebecca and Zara breakdown three options for summer practicing and reveal which is the best to keep you and your instrument happy!

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Practice Game:

Practicing multiple repetitions of a piece or technical exercise can sometimes get boring and frustrating! We want your practice sessions to be fun for both student and parent. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing practice games, with printables, to add to your practice routine.

These games should always be done with a grown-up! (Practicing should too!)

Write a Story:

Come up with an exciting story (or poem) idea! We’ve given you a few prompts if you need some inspiration. After each repetition or practice goal is met write, or have the grown-up write, one line of your story. At the end of your practice session read your story out loud!

Download a practice story sheet with writing prompts here:

Practice Story
Download PDF • 35KB


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