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Nicola Benedetti

Nicola grew up in a small village in Scotland, started violin lessons at age 4 and is now one of the most influential violinists of our time. She is also known as one of the sweetest and graceful violinists, watch the videos below to see if you agree!


Nicola plays Meditation from Massenet's "ThaÏs" in under 6 minutes. It's the perfect bite-sized listening! Did you see Nicola's sparkly tuning pegs?!


Fun for the Whole Family!

Nicola loves kids! Here she is presenting a Family Concert in Wigmore Hall. Listen as she takes the time to explain what she's playing and why it's just so. We love you Nicola!


My First Violin

Make your child's very own cardboard violin from a printout template and cardboard. You can even decorate it however you want. Pink violin, anyone?

She is a celebrated concert violinist, but also takes time to nurture the next generation! The Benedetti Foundation was formed to create orchestral workshops for young musicians and teachers to show them what music education at it's best can look and feel like. Learn More:


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