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Music Therapy with Mia Clow | Episode 8

We use music in our day-to-day lives to relax, motivate, learn and have fun. But music can also be used to help heal and strengthen our bodies and minds through music therapy. Music therapy uses music to help reach non-musical goals such as movement and communication (and much more) with the help of a music therapist like Mia Clow. This week Mia teaches us how music can help to reach these non-musical goals, what happens in a music therapy session and how music therapy can help kids like you!

Connect with Mia: Email: Website: Instagram: lighthousemusictherapy

Emotions Playlist:

Music has the power to change and regulate our emotions. Create a playlist of songs that make you feel or remind you of happiness, sadness, and anger. Put on these playlists when you are in that mood or want to change your mood.

Emotions Playlist
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