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Introducing Zara Lane, Composer | Episode 17

If are a long-time listener of Kids Q The Music, you know Zara has been wishing with all her might for a piano. Well, her wish came true and has opened a new door of musical exploration. We are thrilled to introduce Zara Lane, composer. Zara discusses the compositional process and techniques, and even performs her own pieces. Her current catalogue of works includes The Thirsty Brother (title pending), Night on Stage, Danger: Lost in the Forest and an untitled piece that she needs your help naming!

Rhythm Poem:

Every great composition starts with a good story!

  1. Come up with a story/theme for your poem.

  2. Assign one syllable per note.

  3. Clap the rhythm and recite your poem.

Bonus: add pitches and try singing the poem or playing it on your instrument.

Rhythm Poem
Download PDF • 50KB


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