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Fuse | Episode 29

Non-profit, volunteer run arts organization Fuse, believes art is for everyone.

We at Kids Q The Music fully agree! Rebecca and Zara sat down with two of Fuse's directors, Breanna Lalonde Director of Marketing and Roland Kessler Director of Community Engagement, to talk about their mission and recent projects. They broadened our idea of what an artist is, taught us how they work to make the arts accessible and gave us the behind-the-scenes secrets of making an opera movie.

Learn more about Fuse:

Fuse is a non-profit organization run by volunteers that believe in art in our community, and that art should be for everyone. We're dedicated to making the arts more accessible and breaking down the barriers around creating, sharing, and experiencing art. Learn more at or find us on social media @fuseartorg.

Head to to ask your music questions and Rebecca and Zara just might answer them on an upcoming episode!


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