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Canadian Quartets

The New Orford String Quartet and The Annex String Quartet are two Canadian string quartets that hail from mostly Toronto. A string quartet is made up of four stringed instruments: two violins, a viola and a cello. String quartets are beloved for their depth of sound and flexibility, as you can hear below where we hear both Classical Beethoven and Latin Rodriguez!

The New Orford String Quartet

Here is the 1st movement of Beethoven's "Razumovsky" Quartet op. 59 no. 1, performed by the New Orford String Quartet. What instrument do you hear first?


The Annex Quartet

Straight out of the Annex in Toronto is The Annex Quartet! Here they perform La Cumparsita at their Las Vegas debut from their album Latinoamericana.


Meet the Instruments!

Meet the instruments of the orchestra! Which of these instruments are part of a string quartet?

Isn't it exciting to have all this wonderful music right in your own backyard!


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