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A Musician With Many Hats | Episode 15

This week we are joined by a violinist, composer, photographer, cat lover and movie star. Oh! Did we mention this is just one person? Alice Hong is a musician who wears many different hats, and being a musician is what granted her all these opportunities. Alice is a member of the Edgewood String Quartet (who get to play for 1000 candles twice a week), a composer of beautiful classical music and a photographer and videographer who helps other musicians in their businesses and careers. She even rubs elbow with The Rock in a new Netflix movie. We are starstruck!

Check out Alice's composition (featured in background of this episode) l'oiseau qui entend l'appel du vid: Learn more about Alice: Website: Instagram: Learn more about the Edgewood String Quartet: Website: Instagram: Find a Candlelight Concert in Toronto:

Movie Music Improv:

Music in movies help the audience understand the setting, emotions, and atmosphere of a scene. Create your own movie score with this improvisation activity.

  1. Choose a scene from your favourite movie.

  2. Watch it with the sound on and off.

  3. Decide what dynamics, pitches, feelings and rhythms are needed to bring the scene to life (there is a PDF below to help organize your ideas).

  4. Improvise on your instrument using those ideas while playing the scene.

Movie Music Improv
Download PDF • 108KB


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