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A Day in the Life of an Orchestra Musician | Episode 26

How do you become a professional clarinetist? It’s not just about being lucky. It takes a ton of practice and a bit of bravery! In this episode Rebecca and Zara interview clarinetist Sean Rice about his journey from school band to The Juilliard School to this day to day life as a member of one of the world’s top orchestras; The National Arts Centre Orchestra.

Hear the NACO play: Check out Sean's podcast: NACOcast

Head to to ask your music questions and Rebecca and Zara just might answer them on an upcoming episode!

Build an Orchestra:

This week's guest, Sean Rice, plays in one of the top orchestra's in the world! Did you know orchestras are made up of four sections: strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion? Which section does Sean's instrument, the clarinet, belong too?

1. Download the PDF below.

2. With your grownup's help cut out and colour the instruments.

3. Glue each instrument into it's section.

Build an Orchestra
Download PDF • 234KB


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