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Why Your Child Should Play the Cello

There's a reason why we're sort of cello-happy these days. Cello is trending UP, and it's not really surprising considering the instrument's gorgeous tones and diverse capabilities. Here are the three top reasons why your child will benefit from cello lessons over other instruments:

1. The cello can play every part.

In their blog posts "Why I Play the Cello", both Sarah Steeves and Nadia Klein reference the versatility of the instrument. A cello can play the melody, the bass line, and everything in between. In fact, cellos are so versatile, it's not uncommon to have a strictly cello ensemble, because the same instrument can play so many different lines.

woman plays the cello

2. It can play every genre.

Even a few years ago, the violin or fiddle might have been the featured "artsy" instrument in a band or folk group to give it a refined edge. Now more than ever, the cello is filling that role. We can thank the Piano Guys for bringing the cello to mainstream music, and although we wouldn't call their music classical, it's certainly shining a light on the instrument's presence in pop culture.

3. There are more opportunities for young cellists.

How many kids do you know who play the violin? How many play the cello? Exactly. As students get more advanced and start to play in higher-level ensembles (like our String Ensemble), cellists are always the most sought-after, simply because there are fewer of them. Even though a symphony orchestra requires significantly less cellists than violinists, in many cases, it's the cello section that's looking for more members. Learning the cello means more opportunities for ensembles and chamber music groups for your child simply because of supply and demand.

young girl plays her cello at Upper Beaches Music School

Still not convinced cello is the right instrument for your child? Bring them in for a free trial lesson with our stellar cello teacher. We're positive you'll be falling as hard as we are for the instrument after hearing her play and learning the basics!

Rebecca Lane, Director at Upper Beaches Music School

Rebecca Lane is the director, founder, and owner of Upper Beaches Music School. She teaches at the school on Saturdays, but most days you can find her chasing after her three young children, one of whom is in the Suzuki violin program at UBMS.

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