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Singing In Flanders Fields | Episode 7

In Honour of Remembrance Day, we sat down with Dr. Michelle Boyd, professor of musicology at Acadia University. Wait a second! Shouldn’t a doctor be working at a hospital, not a university? Well, Dr. Boyd is a very special kind of doctor. She holds a PhD in musicology making her an expert in music research! Her job is to research how music relates to our society and culture. This has led her to creating the “Singing in Flanders Field Project.” The project explores how musical settings of the poem, “In Flanders Fields,” changes our interpretation and experience of this iconic poem. Take a listen to hear more about Dr. Boyd’s research as well as 2 (out of at least 150) settings of “In Flanders Fields.”

“In Flanders Fields” by Christine Donkin, performed by The Acadia University Singers (publisher Graphite Publishing)

“In Flanders Fields” by J.D. Wells, performed by Paula Rockwell and Dr. Michelle Boyd

Learn more:

Instagram: @flandersfieldschoir

Composing 'In Flanders Fields'

Many composers have set the poem 'In Flanders Fields' to music. Now it's your turn! Download the PDF below for a template and instructions.

Composing In Flanders Fields
Download PDF • 278KB


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