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Practice Month- 2018 Fall Edition

To say we value practicing at Upper Beaches Music School would be the understatement of the century. But practicing takes motivation... enter this year's practice challenge.

To kick things off this year and get us back into a solid practice routine, we're implementing a practice challenge for the month of October. The challenge to each student: to meet practice goals set by their private teacher. The Goal: to establish a better practice routine. The Prize: Fame and Fortune (okay, not fortune, but definitely fame).

This practice chart is now on our wall at the school and every student who achieves their weekly practice goal will get their name placed on this chart for all to admire! Each student who achieves all four practice goals (one for each week of October) will have their name placed on the WALL OF FAME... and will receive a hot chocolate at Celena's Bakery!

Happy Practicing!

About the Author:

Rebecca Lane is the director, founder, and owner of Upper Beaches Music School. She teaches at the school on Saturdays, but most days you can find her chasing after her three young children, all of whom now take lessons at UBMS.

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