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The Lane School of Music

School and Payment Policies




  • LESSONS MUST BE CANCELLED BY CONTACTING THE TEACHER DIRECTLY. Please contact your teacher using the contact information provided with your registration confirmation.

  • Any cancellations made via the general location email address or your Location Administrator email address will not be guaranteed a make-up lesson where applicable.

  • Students are eligible for a limited number of make-up lessons over the course of their session, providing 24-hours notice of cancellation is given to the teacher. Make-up lessons must occur prior to the end of the current session, and will not be carried over into future sessions. The number of allotted make-up lessons per session are as follows:

    • Summer 2023 (July-August 2023): 1 make-up lesson during the 2-month term

    • School Year FULL (September 2023-June 2024): 3 make-up lessons during the 10-month term

    • School Year WINTER (January-June 2024): 2 make-up lessons during the 6-month term

    • School Year SPRING (March-June 2024): 1 make-up lesson during the 4-month term

  • Make-up lessons that are not completed by the end of the session are considered forfeited.

  • Private lessons cancelled by the student after May 31, 2024 are not guaranteed a make-up lesson.

  • Private lessons cancelled with less than 24-hours advance notice will not be made up by the teacher and will be considered forfeited. Refunds will not be issued for such lessons.

  • Any lesson or class cancelled by The Lane School of Music because of inclement weather will be made up without penalty to the student.

  • Missed make-up lessons are not eligible for another make-up lesson.

  • Any lesson or class cancelled by the teacher will be made up without penalty to the student.

  • Ensemble Classes missed by students will not be made up.

  • In the event that make-up lessons are difficult to schedule in-person, the teacher reserves the right to deliver the make-up lesson online rather than in-person.

  • Make-up lessons may be delivered by a teacher other than the student’s principal teacher.



Your teacher(s)’s email address will be included in your registration confirmation email. Teachers do their best to reply promptly but sometimes there may be a slight delay. Please note that questions requiring longer answers may be answered in person rather than by email.


Students who register for lessons through our Online School are committing to the online lesson format for the duration of the session. Similarly, students who register at one of our in-person locations are committing to the in-person lesson format for the duration of the session. Hybrid lesson options (i.e. a combination of in-person and online lessons) are not available.

In the event that in-person lessons are not feasible due to pandemics or any other reason, LSM reserves the right to move all lessons to an online platform to ensure the health and safety of teachers, students, their families, and staff.


LSM holds recitals twice per year: the Winter Recital weekend (February 3-4, 2024) and the Spring Recital weekend (June 1-2, 2024). All students are strongly encouraged to participate in both recitals. Students at our Bloor, Danforth, and Leaside schools will be performing in-person (venues will be confirmed four weeks prior to the recital weekend). Please note that students in our Online School will perform in a virtual recital through the Zoom platform and will not have the option for an in-person performance.



To secure your lesson day and time, you will be charged a tuition deposit. In addition to the lesson deposit, students will be subject to a non-refundable $99 Registration Fee, charged once per family.

The remainder of your tuition will be split into equal payments to be charged on the fifteenth of the month for each month during your selected session, beginning the month prior to your first lesson. If a monthly instalment cannot be processed for any reason, you will receive an email notification of the failed transaction. Payment in full will be required within 10 days of the failed transaction. If payment is not received by this time, you will be charged a $40 NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee and the student will not be permitted to attend lessons or ensembles until the payment is received.

Parents/students are responsible for ensuring that their payment information remains current. You can update your payment information by contacting your Location Administrator.


If a student is more than 15-minutes late, the teacher is not obligated to continue waiting for the student and the lesson will be forfeited. However, if notice is given directly to the teacher via phone/text or email that lateness is to be expected, the teacher will wait as necessary. Note that the teacher cannot extend the lesson past the agreed upon weekly timeframe.


In the event that it is deemed unsafe to hold in-person lessons due to inclement weather (as determined by The Lane School of Music), students will be contacted by email and all missed classes will be rescheduled. Such action will only be taken due to the most severe weather (some snow or heavy rain will rarely cause class cancellations).


Please refer to the calendar available on our website for holidays. We follow the TDSB school calendar for Winter Break and March Break. On long weekends and statutory holidays, private lessons will take place as usual but ensembles and group classes will not run.



The Lane School of Music occasionally records and photographs our students. This material is used for our website, social media, newsletter, and print marketing materials. By enrolling at LSM, you automatically consent to the above. If you do not consent to the above, you may opt out by sending an email to your Location Administrator:


Parents/legal guardians are responsible for students under the age of 18 who are attending lessons or activities on The Lane School of Music premises. The Lane School of Music is not responsible for students who arrive at LSM buildings prior to or remain in LSM buildings after the conclusion of their scheduled lessons or activities.


The Lane School of Music reserves the right to provide a supply teacher when a regular teacher is ill or away. Teachers at our school work hard to minimize such absences; however, when one cannot be avoided, a supply teacher may be provided as approved by the School Director. Experience has shown that occasional exposure to a different teacher is often beneficial to a child. When a supply teacher cannot be found in time, students will be contacted by email and will have their lessons cancelled and rescheduled (this will NOT count towards a student’s allowed make-up lessons).


Our philosophy at The Lane School of Music is that every student should love their music lessons. We often love what we are good at, which is why we require a full-session commitment to music lessons; achieving excellence in music takes time! For this reason, it is our desire to see every student complete the session of lessons to which they have committed upon registering. As such, if a student wishes to discontinue lessons, our first line of action is to work with the teacher to make lessons and practice at home more motivating and enjoyable. Our second line of action is to find another suitable teacher if the existing teacher/student dynamic is not a good fit. Third, trying another instrument may be suggested as an alternative to ending music lessons completely. Finally, if a solution cannot be found, applicable tuition payments will be balanced, and a cancellation fee will be charged for students who discontinue lessons or ensembles as follows:

  • Private Lessons: $100 cancellation fee

  • Ensembles: $49 cancellation fee

Summer 2023 lessons are non-refundable after April 30, 2023.


The Lane School of Music reserves the right to immediately cancel the enrollment of any student/family for reasons of disruptive behaviour, aggressive communication, inappropriate conduct by student and/or parent, frequent absences, repeated late payments, or other reasons at the sole discretion of The Lane School of Music. In such cases, remaining tuition (if applicable) will be refunded and an administrative fee of $100 will apply.


The Lane School of Music does not assume any responsibility for personal property (including but not limited to clothing, cameras, cell phones, purses, wallets, vehicles, etc.) that is lost, damaged, or left unattended on school premises, in common areas, or in the parking lots of LSM buildings.

Enrolment in lessons at The Lane School of Music assumes compliance with these policies.

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