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The Philosophy: Every Child Can​

When Japanese teacher Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) realized that every child can learn to speak their mother tongue with ease, he decided to apply the same principle to teaching violin.  Every child can learn music, he reasoned, if they are given the same tools as when they learn a language: constant repetition, parental involvement and encouragement, and a lot of listening.

The Suzuki Method is just that.  Every child can learn an instrument as long as they have the proper education.  Suzuki’s method has since been applied in numerous countries around the world and has created millions of tiny musicians- all because he believed that every child can learn.

Learning in Community

Music is meant to be shared.  Although there is much to be gained by learning only in private lessons, the real joy of music comes from playing with other musicians.  The Suzuki Method advocates for a private lesson and a group class every week.  The group class covers basic musicianship skills, ear training, and of course playing in unison. As musicians become more skilled in higher levels, more diverse harmony is added.  Eventually, they can play music in several different simultaneous parts.

Group Suzuki method violin class at Upper Beaches Music School

The Best Age to Start


At The Lane School of Music, we recommend that students begin taking formal instrumental lessons at age 4. Older students are also welcome to begin private lessons.  If older beginners aren't comfortable in a group class with younger students, we welcome them to join a more advanced class with students their own age once they have taken some private lessons.  

Parental Involvement

As with other areas of a child's education, parents are a key element in the learning process.  With the Suzuki Method, parents are required to be present at private lessons so that they can learn to help their children practice at home. Some parents may even wish to take lessons themselves! Parents should also attend group classes whenever possible.

At Home


Practicing is one of the toughest parts of learning an instrument, but it's also one of the best reasons for doing it! We work with parents to help make practicing as enjoyable as possible.  Through consistent practice and listening daily to the repertoire, students learn that a small investment every day can yield wonderful long term results; a lesson that is best learned early in life.

Child and parent practice together at Suzuki violin lesson at Upper Beaches Music School in Danforth, East Toronto

Meet Your Teacher




Ensemble students are required to also be taking private lessons. Trial lessons will be held with the student's private teacher. Ensemble classes are not eligible for trials.

Instrument Purchase/ Rental

Please visit the following website for more information on renting or purchasing an instrument: 

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