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Here are some tips that will help you to optimize your online lesson experience:

  • If possible, use a laptop instead of a tablet or phone.  If a laptop is not an option, a tablet or phone will still work.

  • Close other tabs and windows during the lesson.  This will minimize any delay in audio/ video.

  • For piano, the best angle will be to the side of the keyboard so that a side profile of the student as well as the keys are visible

  • For all other instruments, place the device you are using so that the camera is at eye level and shows the upper body of the student plus some a few feet of distance on each side.

  • Do not place the device so that it looks up to the student- We don’t need to see up noses!


Using Zoom:

  • The zoom app can be downloaded from the apple store if you are using an apple product.  

  • Zoom for desktop is very simple to use.  You may be asked to download a simple plugin when  you launch the lesson link.




Join the Practice Revolution


One of our best resources is our parent group on Facebook.  Join us at to connect with other parents and get tips on online lessons, practicing, and keeping our sanity during this crazy time of life!

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