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Joy Keeler


Joy started her passion in music at the age of 5 and obtained her Grade 10 piano certificate by the age of 12. She has competed in numerous musical festivals, including the BC Provincials. Over the course of her music career, she has studied with a variety of piano teachers, including Edward Parker and Lee-Kum Sing. In 2019, she received her Bachelor of Music Performance from the University of Victoria, where she studied under May-Ling Kwok. She also received her Master’s of Music Performance from the University of Toronto in 2021, speciaizing in Applied Music and Health Sciences. She is currently working towards her certification to become a neurologic music therapist.

Joy is a strong advocate for self-exploration and expression through music. She is a firm believer that learning an instrument goes way beyond merely creating pleasant sounds- it is a multi-faceted tool which aids in building numerous cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioural skills. During her spare time, she is often found enjoying the great outdoors and has a real passion for animals.

Joy Keeler
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