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The Piano Technician | Episode 2

Pianos can fall out of tune for a variety of reasons. Playing it too much, not playing it enough or changes in the weather are the most common. But what do you do when this happens? Buy a DIY kit on Amazon? No way! Call your friendly neighbourhood piano technician. Michael Janes is a piano technician who has tuned pianos from Dubai to Newfoundland and everywhere in between. This piano expert offers us insight on all the hows and whys of piano care, what happens when a mouse makes their home in your instrument and reminds us to be very careful when using umbrellas during sing-alongs.

Connect with Michael:

Facebook: Mike Janes


Head to to ask your music questions and Rebecca and Zara just might answer them on an upcoming episode!

Musical Spelling Bee:

The music alphabet may only have 7 letters, but those 7 letters can spell a lot of words! All you need is the "Musical Spelling Bee" printable and 4 small objects (ie. buttons, coins, candy). Spell each word by placing an object on the correct piano keys.. Did you find any words not on the list?

(There two versions of this activity, one with a bank piano and one with the keys labelled. You could even use your real piano at home!)

Musical Spelling Bee
Download PDF • 100KB


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