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Musical Story Telling | Episode 1

From “Invasion of the Ant Colony” to writing operas for the Canadian Opera Company, Ian Cusson has been telling stories through music since he was 8 years old. Ian is a Canadian composer of opera, art song and orchestral works who is heavily influenced by his Métis roots. He shares how he tells stories through sound, the benefits of brushing your teeth and joins Zara for the inaugural game of opera or cheese!

Hear the full performance of "Dodo, mon tout petit" here:

Learn more about Ian:

Instagram: @iancusson

Head to to ask your music questions and Rebecca and Zara just might answer them on an upcoming episode!

My Sound Song:

You don't need an instrument to compose a song! Here's how:

  1. Download the "My Sound Song" template.

  2. Fill in the key with symbols and sounds you can make with your body or objects around you (we've added a few for you).

  3. Draw the symbols in what ever order you like in the grid above.

  4. Play your song by making the sound that corresponds with the symbol you drew!

My Sound Song
Download PDF • 116KB


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