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Learning music from home can be fun and engaging.

Unlike most online learning, our music lessons will keep your child engaged and excited to learn more.

Schooling from home? Want your child to have an activity they'll love?


Our online music lessons are safe, easy, and fun. 

You'll need a strong internet connection and a laptop/tablet.

NO INSTRUMENT is needed for the trial lesson, and we'll help you source one if you choose to register.

If you already have an instrument, even better!


"At a time when nearly everything else in our lives is at a standstill, my daughters are still progressing well in their studies and I'm so happy to have this aspect of their learning stay consistent and fun."

- Victoria Naik, parent to two UBMS students (ages 5 and 7)

"These are not the dry, humorless music classes that I experienced as a child. My child's teacher consistently looks for ways to tie the lesson concepts to fun and exciting activities, that keep the lessons engaging. I am amazed on a regular basis by the teacher's creativity and imagination." -Kristen Hawkeswood, parent to UBMS violin student, age 10


"They were complete beginners and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started. In fact I had no idea we could pick up a brand new keyboard, curbside, even during the time of coronavirus. Even after just a few lessons, they’re really getting the hang of it and developing a love for music." - Lianne Kim, mom to 2 UBMS beginners, ages 7 & 9

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UBMS is a LGBTQ safe space

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