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Jenny Hwang

Piano & Violin

Born and raised in South Korea and Canada, Jenny Hwang began her musical journey at the age of 7.
Growing up, she explored her curiosities about music through piano and violin studies, studying with
renowned performers in Canada including Miranda Wong, David McCoy, Paul Luchkow, and Kimi Hamaguchi.
Currently, Jenny is a music education specialist and is expanding her studies at the University of Toronto.
She is passionate about establishing strong communities through shared musical experiences. She
believes that music is an interdisciplinary art form where students can acquire musical skills and applied
skills relevant to everyday life. An avid violinist and pianist, she continuously seeks opportunities to
perform with community ensembles including New West Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Philharmonic
Orchestra, and Counterpoint Community Orchestra. As an educator, she strives to foster life-long learning
and discovery of joy through music playing for her students.

Jenny Hwang
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