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Franciz Gonzales


Franciz began his lifelong love for music at the age of four. A recent graduate of the University of Toronto
Faculty of Music, where he received tutelage under pianist Emily Chiang, Franciz brings knowledge and a
deep passion for the piano to his teaching. His philosophy is that music is a language of emotions, and his
goal is to empower his students to communicate through their piano playing. His teaching style is marked
by patience, encouragement, and a commitment to nurturing each student's unique musical journey.
Beyond the world of music, Franciz is a multi-faceted creative, enthusiastically engaging in small home
renovation projects and exploring the realms of interior design. In addition to these pursuits, Franciz is an
advocate for a healthy lifestyle, dedicating time to workouts that invigorate both body and mind.

Franciz Gonzales
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