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Hi, I'm Rebecca!


My philosophy is centered around teaching children to love music.  And to love music, it helps to be able to play your instrument well!

After teaching violin at The Kingsway Conservatory, I founded Upper Beaches Music School in East Toronto. 
Now The Lane School Of Music, we're growing to meet the need in West Toronto.

 We're here to help you find perfect balance of enjoyment and excellence in your family's musical journey.


Where will the new school be located?

We're soon moving into a beautiful, sunlit space at 2489 Bloor Street West.  We'll have 8 studios for private teaching, one large room for groups and on-site parking.

Will lessons be in-person or online?

Online lessons will continue throughout the summer.  We will resume in-person lessons in September (if restrictions allow) with safety protocols like screening, masking, and plexiglass to protect students and their teachers. 

Who are the teachers?

We are so pleased to welcome the following teachers to our faculty:

  • Andrew Frost (guitar)

  • Annika Bormann (piano)

  • Bryn Blackwood (piano)

  • Chris Malone (guitar)

  • Hayley Janes (violin)

  • James Freeman (trumpet/hand percussion/ drum set)

  • Johann Taylor (piano)

  • Justin Wisner (clarinet/ sax)

  • Katya Khatsko (piano)

  • Kemi Lo (violin)

  • Liza McLellan (cello)

  • Lyssa Pelton (violin)

  • Pegah Yazdani (piano)

  • Roanna Kitchen (voice)

  • Sharon Burlacoff (ECM)

  • Stephanie Superle (Flute)

  • Tatiana Olkha (ECM)


What if my teacher is not teaching at LSM?


We welcome all KCM students to register at LSM with one of our teachers. 

  • Fill out the registration from and select "I need a new teacher".

  • Tell us your child's personality and musical background

  • Request lesson times that will work best for your family

  • We will match a teacher to you/ your child based on your comments and availability


Do you offer group classes and ensembles?

Yes! We have Suzuki violin and cello group classes as well as orchestras.  Our robust Early Childhood Music program is lead by Sharon Burlacoff .  Schedule and pricing for ECM classes can be found HERE.

What is Upper Beaches Music School?

Our former name suited us well when we were based in East Toronto.  We've adopted The Lane School Of Music as our new name to encompass our multiple locations.  You'll see Upper Beaches Music School on our website for a little bit while we make the transition.

What's your pricing structure?

You can view our tuition pricing below. The Family Registration Fee of $49 will be waived for families who register by June 30, 2021.

Pricing below is based on a deposit and equal monthly payments. To pay in full, please indicate this on your registration form.


How can I register?

Registration opens on Friday, May 21.  The Family Registration Fee of $49 will be waived for students who register before June 30, 2021.
Email us at to find out more!

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