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Wendy Quach


Wendy Quach, born and raised in Toronto, has been passionate about the piano since she began playing at the age of five. Her early enthusiasm for music led her to pursue a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Music Education from the University of Western Ontario, while her love for working with students led her to pursue a Master of Teaching degree from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Throughout her musical journey, Wendy has actively participated in various ensembles and choirs, enriching her understanding and fostering her love for collaborative music-making. She values the power of music in building communities and engaging students in meaningful learning experiences.

Wendy's teaching approach is marked by creativity and enthusiasm. She believes in tailoring lessons to students' interests to inspire and motivate them. Central to her philosophy is the creation of a nurturing and encouraging environment where students can explore and enhance their musical abilities with confidence.

Wendy Quach
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