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Kelsey Zhong


Inspired by her mother’s piano playing, Kelsey started her musical journey when she was three. She is an award recipient of many national and international competitions and festivals, some of which include Kiwanis Festival, Russian Concerto Competition, and Crescendo International Competition. Kelsey achieved ABRSM Level Eight at the age of twelve and later obtained her ARCT degree under the tutelage of Professor David McCoy. She has collaborated with various talented local singers and instrumentalists throughout her musical journey and accompanied university choirs on tours. Under the teaching of Mark Anderson, Kelsey graduated University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Music degree. She is now pursuing her Master’s of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy degree at the University of Toronto, under the tutelage of Lydia Wong and Midori Koga.
Kelsey excels in delivering lessons that are tailored to help reach each student’s needs and goals. She has also been teaching piano and music theory in both private and group settings, where she has experience in approaching students of all ages, levels, and learning styles.

Kelsey Zhong
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